Swim Spa – Case Study
Kieran is using our Swim Spa to train to swim the English Channel

Last year we were approached by Kieran who is training to swim the channel solo later this year! He has been using his local swimming pool, but was recommended that he uses a swim spa to get more from his training regime. Kieran has been coming to our showroom since November and has noticed a huge difference in his performance. We asked Kieran to write a few words about his experience with our Hydropool Swim Spa. ‘Hi, I’m Kieran, Just to let you know a little bit about myself, I’m a Level 1 Swim Teacher @ Cirencester Swimming Club, and am currently training for a solo swim across the English Channel later this summer. I first started using the Swim Spa last November, after I’d become frustrated with the lack of lanes available in local swimming pools over the weekends. At best, I can squeeze in a two hour swim on a Saturday at my pool in Cirencester, but it tends to be very busy and the ‘stop-start’ nature of lane swimming doesn’t really help me with the sort of long distance training I’m looking to do. Following a plea on Facebook, I was introduced to Kate who generously offered me the use of the swim spa pool to train in. Initially, I’d jump in the swim spa and happily churn out the miles without the need to turn or dodge ‘lane-blockers’!… I find that in the swim spa, I can really settle into a rhythm and swim at a consistent speed. Having done a number of endurance sets (4 x 30min sets as a minimum), it’s helped build & maintain my stamina over these difficult winter months of training. As most of my spring/summer training is done in the lakes at South Cerney or in the sea, being able to re-create those longer non-stop swim sessions has been really useful. More recently, following a stroke analysis session I had from a swim coach, I’ve been able to incorporate more drills and technique sessions in the swim spa to help refine my stroke and make me more efficient. With the speed set to a slightly lower level than I’d usually swim at, I’ve been able to really focus on my technique… concentrating on my pull and putting in to practice all the tips I’d received from the coach. I’ve also taken advantage of some of the pre-set workouts to vary my training & incorporate some ‘sprints’ rather than just swim at a single pace. At the beginning of the year I’d picked up a minor shoulder injury which meant I’ve cut back on speed and distance work (although that’s building up again thankfully!) however I did have a sort of ‘aqua fitness’ session in the pool, using it as an aquatic running machine and also carrying out some resistance training which wasn’t necessarily something I’d planned (or even considered as an option). Another feature that appeals to me, but not necessarily to others, is that you can dial the temperature of the pool right down to 15 degrees! This is something I must have a chat to Kate about trying soon as from a purely selfish perspective, it would be great to do a couple of cool water sessions 😊 When I have used the pool, the temp has generally been in the low 20’s which makes it a bit cooler than most swimming pools but is preferable to feeling ‘poached’ as I sometimes do after a decent session in Ciren pool. I think you can ramp the temperature up to ~30 degrees should you want to though. Happy swimming! Cheers, Kieran’   GOOD LUCK Kieran. Keep watching our website and social pages to hear more about Kierans progress and how his training is coming along…
kieran swimming

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